A week Away…

I’m gearing up for a week away next week…going to Alabama to sew with a couple of Gee’s Bend quilters.  This week I’m sinking into thinking about fabric and the creative experience ahead…here’s a little (4″x6″) piece I made for the ArtHouse Coop…(it’s called “Diet Day” and is part of a project for artists to chronicle a 24 hour period…)

and then a few pages in a “sketchbook” I just finished, wherein I saved all the left-over thread cuts when quilting…and tape (I love tape)…


  1. Bill I think we’ll be seeing China and MaryAnn for sure…not sure about Lucy Mingo (though one can wish…)…Mary will be our southern hostess upon arrival, serving us grits and okra washed down with moonshne…so she has hinted…4 of us are bloggers so I suspect this event will be well-covered, media-wise…

  2. Such a fine week ahead & we can’t wait for your show & tell. The threads and tape ‘notebook’ is wonderful! A possible medium for a meditation on tree grooming w/ companion?

  3. Love the threads in the sketchbook. Iʻve always contemplated loose threads, the spontaneity usually unavailable in the quilting genre by contrast, I suppose.

    ʻDiet Dayʻ is a hoot. More please!

    Yup, awaiting retreat notes.

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