Happy Birthday Nadia!

Today was Nadia‘s birthday, and she was visiting all the way from Tunisia…(check her cool jacket, which she made…)

She didn’t come all this way to visit me though…she grew up in Salem and is in Oregon visiting her family.  Luckily she hitched a ride to Salem with her sister-in-law today and we shared work and had a birthday lunch.  Since she’s on the road for six weeks she brought a lot of handwork…she’s making a bag and these panels are first drawn on fabric, then embroidered,

my favorites, though, are the side panels with embroidery…

and here’s a couple of larger pieces she’s working on… of plants that are growing in her garden in Tunisia..

We had a great chat and lots of fun…and after Nadia took off for Portland, R and I did a bit of mental regrouping and went to the dinner for the Senior Art History Majors held at the Hallie Ford Museum.  The room was looking festive and “everybody” (in this case R and Museum Director John Olbrantz) was in a good mood…

and the magic moment for R was the announcement, by Department Chair Ann Nicgorski

of two “Roger Hull Museum Internship Awards”…this year to Reva Main (on the right) and Olivia Lawther (on the left)…both graduating in May.

Another long and satisfying day here in the far west…


  1. Thanks, Bonnie. It was a magical day! I was just so pleased to meet you and your husband, and see your artwork and quilts and home. I have met such interesting and generous people thanks to blogging. Restores my faith in humanity–and that is an amazing birthday present.
    best, nadia

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