This One Goes Out to Dave…

Oh thank goodness Dave wanted to see more of Ian’s truck…(since I took a TON of photos…).  It’s a 1941 Dodge pickup which had been customized a bit when he got it…though Ian has done a lot to it himself.

After he got the truck,

Ian realized he actually had a 1942 license plate hanging in his garage.  (Turns out you can use an old plate if nobody else has the number currently…)

The interior is cool…basic…gleaming in the 4th of July sun…

…and the motor…well it’s so CLEAN…and so ORANGE.  It gets about 7 mpg around town and got 13.5 on it’s trip down from Portland…

…and at night it wore a little cami robe to protect it from the salt air…

Here’s the spark plug…

…and off they went back to the city…Amy, Beans and Ian.

And here’s another for SAN…


  1. wow bonnie. thanks for the additional fotos & info. what a great old rod & not the ubiquitous ford with a 350 chevy mill. i really dig it. you are very sweet to indulge my passion for cars. i more or less taught myself to draw as a kid with rods & customs as my subjects. i still often use them in my work, in fact my first solo show back in ’94 at bush barn (i guess my only solo there) back when peter held was there was called ‘car show’. thanks again.

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