Sumertime summertime SUM SUM Summertime…

Remember that song?  We do.  Here’s R (the tall guy) at Hayden Lake Idaho

Carolyn on the left, Jennifer on the raft, Chris on the right, maybe about 1954, but you can still almost feel the cold lake water on your skin , NO??

Meanwhile back in the midwest, Driveway Bon is gearing up for a show on the cement…

You can kinda tell we were meant for each other…? So, in July of 1969 we got engaged!!!

(I just have this stuff on the brain since our son’s wedding is coming up…hope you readers can cut me some slack here…:)


  1. All such ‘stuff’ is a joy to share with you two and to call to mind our own sweet sum sum summertimes. How could you not have ‘young love, true love’ on the brain?

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