Project Space: Bonnie Hull

Back to reality today, a week after the wedding.  I begin to think about hanging a little show of my summer work down at Project Space.  I hope to have it all up Friday the 17th, and the “opening” will be First Wednesday, September 5th, 5-8 p.m.  Come see if you are out and about.  Project Space is open T-S from 11-2 on Liberty Street, between State and Court.  Yesterday I finished the little “random” quilt.  The methodology for this quilt grew out of a series of conversations with other artists about “random mark-making”…in this case random cutting, random assembly and random quilting.  It still came out pretty cute (…waiting for the next baby??…anybody??).

It grew along with the other summer work down at Project Space…

and is the companion piece to the 2010 Project Space quilt (which now belongs to Violet Booth):

In addition to the quilt and the fabric pieces constituting the series called “My Mother’s Hand,” I completed two mono-print series of 14 pieces each.  The first series is called “Walden” and includes these three…

and the second series is called “Homage” and includes these three…

Project Space is a scruffy place filled with lots of room to think and interesting people to talk to and has been the catalyst for me for a few years.  Hope you can get downtown to see my work and the work of the other 7 or so artists going up this week…(which I will report on a bit later.)  In the meantime here’s the beginning of a new series which I believe we can ALL relate to, no?  “I was not like other children…”

Okay…off to ukulele practice!




  1. Hello, I have seen your comment on Motherwell Qoncet hut, I am working on Pierre Chareau and would be interested in knowing more on Chloe Scott’s souvenir about this french designer. Could you put me in contact with him ?
    best regards

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