Van Evera Bailey

We sloshed up to Portland Sunday with Linda and Greg to the Oregon Historical Society to hear a lecture by Hope Svenson who gave an excellent talk about the work of Portland architect Van Evera Bailey.

Her thought-provoking talk included ideas about architecture as archive, a topic currently at the front of R’s thinking.  Greg was a good friend of Bailey’s at the end of Bailey’s life and regaled us with biographical details and anecdotes on the way up, which made the talk all the more fascinating.  Many of Bailey’s houses still exist both in Portland and California (Pasadena and Palm Springs)…but here’s a photo I found that is pretty sweet…

After the lecture we took a look around the historical society and found other fun stuff including this first US flag made in Oregon…sewn by hand…

and an interesting exhibition on the Columbus Day storm of 1962 (storms being on our mind at the moment…)

I’m not sure why this was there…context for 1962?…but I liked it…

Better go take a look…OHS is on the Park blocks across from the Portland Art Museum…And then we sloshed home in the POURING rain and wind…



  1. Wow, Bonnie…thank you for introducing me to Van Evera Bailey. I loved his beach house…and Bill would have too! Regarding architects and archives…I wish I knew what to do with Bill’s marvelous working drawings – every inch by hand… Cheers, Nancy

  2. It is possible there are two homes by VEB here in Salem! Plans in papers at OHS show proposed houses for two Salem families, but preliminary investigation suggests they were not built. Perhaps your readers will know more? You can read more here.

  3. Our team DOES think two at least were built here, but no word on where they are…Argyle Street seems likely…anybody out there know?

  4. Hello-
    I am currently working with some clients on a remodel project in Portlands West Hills.
    After doing some research on the property it came to light that it was designed by Van Evera Bailey in 1951.
    I am on the hunt for the original plans but it has become almost impossible to locate any further info on the residence.
    I have seen that Hope Svenson has done some notable work on Van Evera Bailey and would like to get in touch with her to gather further info.
    Do you happen to have her contact information?

    Thank you!
    Daniel McCulloch

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