Roger Hull, Author

Let me be a good journalism student and put the cogent information in the first paragraph for you.  Roger Hull will be giving a lecture on the work of Portland sculptor Manuel Izquierdo on Friday, January 18th, 2013, in the Paulus Lecture Hall located in the Willamette University Law School at 245 Winter Street SE.  The lecture will begin at 5:00 p.m., and will be followed by a public reception at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, 700 State Street here in Salem. The newest Hull book will be on sale at the museum that night (and the author will be on hand to autograph!).

cover 7 Manuel

I hope all of you who are interested in regional art, in the work of Manuel Izquierdo, in the work of Roger Hull, in the work of the Hallie Ford Museum…will come and see the show which is elegant and, really, breath-taking.

That said, this post is really about Roger Hull, the author/curator…a person who often appears here as “R”…a pair of hands, feet, a person climbing a ladder, driving,  working in the garden.  In his “real” life he looks at, thinks about, and writes about the art of Oregon in an interesting way, putting the work made HERE in a national and international context.  His work has become part of the historic record.  Knowing that, his books are meticulously researched, fact-checked and edited so the historic record is as correct as he can make it.  In addition these books are often witty and always insightful.  AND, if you don’t like to read, they are beautiful…

In reverse order I just thought I’d recap Mr. Hull’s past accomplishments, as this new show and book are coming “on line”…

cover 6 PanderCover 5 Widman

cover 4 Johansoncover 3 Heaney

Cover 2 Jan Zach

and the first show/book about Salem artist Carl Hall…


(Copies of all of the above are available at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art)

See you Friday!


  1. Thanks for the very impressive book list review & reminder of Friday’s excellent opportunity to once again hear the delightful Mr. Hull lecture!

  2. Lovely to see all of Mr. Hull’s books together. His dedication, brilliance and wit are apparent in every one. What a guy! I hope there’s a copy of Carl Hall’s book left after Friday. Not sure it’s in our collection.

  3. Thanks, Bon. Really good tribute to splendid R. Wish, wish, wish we were there for the lecture and the show, another glorious peak in the Hull landscape. E.

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