1. I think of you Hulls often here in my new neighborhood in north Boise. The trail system in the foothills is called Hull’s Gulch. Any relation to Roger’s Idaho roots?

  2. He is a nice guy! 🙂 Could not agree more. And, by the way, the Izquierdo show is AMAZING! Planning another trip to soak it all in and cannot wait to read in depth from the wonderful book. Hope your healing is nearly complete Bonnie!

  3. All sides of this Roger guy seem pretty great! Such a pleasure and a privilege to know the two of you and to think of your fine fortune in having found one another in all this wide world.

  4. Bonnie: Your post on your mate was splendid. You’re a great couple, perfectly suited for each other. You joint contribution to the commnity, and to a lot of us personally, is just incalculable. I’m so glad we know each other. George

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