Lamp # 2

Of course there’s a lamp on the other side of the bed inexpensive IKEA or Target lamp with a now glaringly white and spotted shade…CRYING OUT to become one of a pair…

2 lamp 12 lamp 22 lmap 3

and it looks good too…but I’m stopping here…

2 lamp finish

though it is making me want to go around the house with a critical eye and see what I can do to rid us of miscellany…


  1. I want to know how you did this. Fabulous. There is a website in England that uses Bloomsbury designs for shades. I want to make one (or Jon is better equiped).

  2. Those are brilliant. Don’t let Target of Ikea see them – they will certainly steal your designs. Oh, and I’ve got a couple of dreary dinghy shade, on your next visit……..

  3. the attic cleaning has both our critical eyeballs working overtime all around the house. oh dear… miscellany everywhere. early spring cleaning i guess. your lamp shades are gorgeous lights on or off.

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