I’m Rolling!

Well, sort of…  Here’s my new best friend Hugo…


and today was my first day out…(though I went to the dentist and a meeting, so not really a GLAMOROUS day out…but, a day out all the same.)  And a day out on my feet for the first time since December 4th.  In between I went out to lunch with my “caregiver” (who has really earned that title…)  So Hugo is quick and provides me with a seat all my own whenever I need it, but NOT a very comfortable seat…alas,


and the meeting was long and there were many opinions and ideas.  I crawled into my drawing book…

PS 1PS 2

I got very tired and had to skip meeting number 2 out of exhaustion…one step at a time!  Tomorrow, ukulele!


  1. dorothy & now hugo. new friends popping up out of the necessities. you are not only on the path of curation, but as always now, at the same time, on the path of creation. lunch with your ‘caregiver’ is a good midday pick-me-up.

  2. The things we celebrate at this life stage! It must be a wonderful sense to be mobile. Yeah, that caregiver has performed admirably. We have the pictures to prove it.

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