A museum weekend…

It was a museum weekend for our house…I’m sure you’ve seen the new banner installed on the west side of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art…


and Saturday our family came down to see the show…Bruce and LeeAnn from Seattle, Doug, Marie, Emma and Finley from Portland, and Z & A.


M & LA

…and then home for chicken soup…


Sunday back to the museum for a look at the Manson Kennedy film of 1976 showing Manuel actually making a print, plus commentary from George Johanson (friend and colleague of Manuel’s…fellow artist) about Manuel’s techniques and process…

G & R 1

followed by the film (now here just let these bad images flow by you as if you were watching a faded movie…because we were…)

movie 2movie 3movie 4movie 5movie 6movie 7

movie 8movie 9movie 10

movie 11

…a few questions were taken…


…and then one last look as the print part of the show closed today…

one last l;ook

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  1. We so loved the show. We are sorry we missed the Sunday lecture on the prints.
    Over dinner at home, we watched the key-note lecture by Roger that is brilliant.


    Great respect for Manuel and so glad his work is showcased in this exhibit and monograph.

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