Carwash Fun…

The other day Kate told me that if I paid for the most EXPENSIVE wash I could get some colored soap…so we checked it out.  It started like the usual car wash…

carwash 1

with my favorite elements…

carwash 2

and THEN…woohoo…

color 1

color 2

color 4

color 6

Dorothy (our GPS) was speechless…


then the rinse…


and we were shoved out the back…FUN!!!!


So VISUALLY that might have been the highlight of the day…but we also went to the big SAA fund raiser and art auction CLAY BALL…noisy, crowded, fun…

Clay Ball


and then for a night cap at Mike and Gretchen’s where I got to visit “my” (it’s theirs now…) painting, which looks good over the fireplace…


and home for a good sleep…ready for the OSCARS!



  1. I love your car wash pictures. They always remind me of when David was a little boy and would get scared when we went through the car wash, so we always sang the Happy Birthday song to him and he’d be okay. I still sing it to myself when I go through the car wash! XOXO

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