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Last fall I was in California with Carolyn, setting up an installation and show at the Lost Coast Culture Machine in Fort Bragg (“ART Laundry”).  I showed 2D work, but also quilts, and gallery owner Anne Beck was curious about the process.  “How do you make a quilt?” she said…I said…”you just start.”  We struck a deal.  I made a section (about one third of the final quilt as it turned out…I left it with her to add to it in any way she saw fit.  When she was done she would send it to me and I would quilt it and send it back. Here’s my start.

my 1:3

When the quilt top arrived it was a very abstract piece except for ONE thing: a blue applique bird.  I struggled with this bird.  It was in the middle of a terrific abstract piece.  A grid of varying proportions…. Why?  Why a bird?  Why a BLUE bird??

Ann 3

so I took a hint from Bernini (window behind the throne of St. Peter in St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome…topical at least)…

Bernini window

and I featured the bird, and it’s motion…

Anne detail 2

and today I put the last stitch on the binding…

Anne 1

Anne detail 1

Anne detail 4

Anne detail 5

It’s already to go back to Anne…writing:pocket

NOTE: the white fabric is unbleached muslin and was fun to work with…when quilted it gave a nice “old-timey” look to the quilt I think.