A Quiet Day, A little Drawing…

This morning I just took myself out for coffee with the newspapers and my little current drawing book called “Map of the Table”…

coffee photo

and I STARTED to draw, but there was a “lady” having one of those HORRIBLE loud cell phone conversations that overtakes a huge area and everyone in it….eek…do you know those people who do that????  Concentration was low…

map of the table

Errands, a little reading, my lunch date cancelled…I did notice something though…my TALISMAN, the balloon Mike gave me the day I came home from ankle surgery and tied to my computer…


is…3+ months later…beginning to, well, flag…

computer & balloon

sagging balloon

…unlike me, of course. And then it was drawing night over at Paula’s where we were met with Sadie’s sidewalk where she had been trying to work out Bye Bye Birdie (she’s just learning to read and write…)

Bye Bye Birdie

and finally an enjoyable evening of drawing (Paula got out a bunch of toys for us to draw) and art talk, which, alas, didn’t produce a particularly nice drawing, but was good in other basic ways…

drawing night

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