Week’s Worth

Not a momentous week, but like most of our weeks, filled with the lovely variety of things that make our lives…here’s what I’ve been up to:



quilt top

stretching 2

shower 1shower 2

Check this out people…every Tuesday in May conservationist Tom Fuller will be working on the Hallie Ford Museum of Art’s native basket collection in the lobby so you can watch him work and it IS fascinating….

basket HFMA

Tom Fuller

Friday artist Rex Amos and his wife Diane brought the remainder of Rex’s archival material to the Northwest Artists’ Archive at the Willamette University library where archivist Mary McRobinson, Rex and curator Roger Hull conferred…

Mary Rex and R

Rex explained…


and the deed of gift was signed, allowing the library to index and publish on-line a list of general contents….


carwash 0carwash 1crwash 3

carwash 4carwash patternscarwash 2

and today is Mother’s Day…making me think of my Mom…

Mom 1Mom 2

after enjoying a lovely mother’s day brunch with Zach and Ashton…

lillies of the valley


Happy day to the Moms among you….

last berry


  1. Thanks, Bonnie..for a lovely Mother’s Day meandering through garden and art. love to a remarkable mother, Nancy

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Your blog really inspires me and always lifts my spirits. Thank you so much for the wonderful stories and photos.

  3. we were missing your blog & so when it came on mother’s day we were delighted. as always, you have a great eye for things & your mom, as are all of our mothers, a beauty with you on her lap looking for all the world as if you are looking at the world with keen interest.

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