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This weekend I got OUT of the bathroom…

before wall boardingafter wb

and INTO the studio…

studio 1

where, after looking at an old painting painted in memory of the lovely William Peyron, dishwasher at the Arbor Cafe for 6 years, reader, person of great good humor (sometimes old paintings are better than photographs for conjuring people up…this is called “I Dreamed Billy Came to the Wedding”)


I turned to working on several things that have been in progress through the winter, including a couple of gouaches in a series of R and artists…details only today…

Harry detailHenk detail

and then a series I have going about sunlight falling on the house

hpuse 2house 1house 3

Just BEING in the studio in the garden is so much fun…I went out for an hour and stayed for three!

studio 2

This morning I’m working on the “Spring” quilt in a desperate attempt to finish it off before the summer solstice…

Q det 1Q det 2Q det 3

Q on tab;e

but think I’d better go practice my uke…there’s a “gig” today (unbelieveable but true…!)