Happy Birthday Eunice!

Until July 28th, at 12X16 Gallery (8235 SE13th Ave. No.5, Portland) you can see Eunice Parsons’ new show “Sweet, Sweet Black.”  And SWEET it is.  All new work and absolutely beautiful.  Eunice says this might be the very last show for which she creates a singular body of work…I really can’t urge you strongly enough to go take a look…here’s my favorite…

"Eunice No"

and here’s R’s favorite…

Eince R's fave

though choosing a favorite is hard given this work…

Eunice via cavour

Eunice "Big One"

Eunice wall with flower

…and yesterday we went to a party for Eunice to celebrate her work, her spirit, and her birthday…her 97th.  Secret?  Make art everyday, hang out with your friends, laugh a lot and have a beer on your birthday!  Happy birthday Eunice!

Phyllis Johanson with Eunice…

Eunice and Phyllis

Eunice, Maureen Herndon and Luke Dolkas…

E laughing with L

Eunice alone


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