Beach weekend, and on…

Well the weekend began Friday morning with a quick trip through the…you know…

carwash 1carwash 2carwash 3

then off to the beach.  The weather was all over the place this weekend, providing us with many views, all beautiful, of Siletz Bay…

Bay at low tide

Bay view

hightide 1high tide 2high tide 3

and a variation on the usual sights….

red chairswind thing


rose hip

We got out “Diploma” and “Diana”…our now almost 44 year old wedding bikes (their birthday is September 20th) which have been confined to the beach for some years…

Diploma and Diana


and took a spin to see what was happening “in the city” …Jim and Carol are replacing their failed LP siding …

Jim and Carol 1

and we heard some very bad news from a neighbor…that one of our FAVORITE little cottages is about to be torn down and replaced with a manufactured house…this the fate of MANY of our favorite cottages over these 20 years…(and they will no doubt cut down the tree too…alas).

cute cottage

I think this might be the last of the legion of board and batten sided cottages that made us fall in love with Cutler City years ago…all either resided or torn down.  They mostly began life as fishing cottages and were often built without foundations on the sand.  Still…if this were, let’s just say, NANTUCKET for example, somebody would buy this nd make it even more adorable.  Unluckily, we can’t buy them all…

We tried to drown our sorrow in the last fresh MIG blueberry pie of the season…

last pie

beach shoes

and got to work on numerous projects, which included the following…sewing the “sleeves” on a couple of quilts that are going to a show…


pin basting the Project Space quilt so I can start quilting it…


hacking back the rosemary plant…it used to be an herb garden but now it’s just one rosemary plant…


putting together Malaro…


working on Sid’s sweater…

Sid's sweater

and starting his big quilt (using Eleanor McCain as inspiration)…

Sid's quilty

…oh, and a TINY bit of shopping where I scored this nice old quilt top…


Q detail

We thought of Emma, starting college this week on the far east side of the country…


but then the time came…we left a note for Elizabeth, Cory and Alex…


and came on home to start the new week.


  1. How old was Jim and Carol’s LP siding. I, too, have it – so far, so good. I keep it well painted to keep the moisture out so it won’t delaminate (I hope!)

  2. I really liked the images that you opened the blog with. Absolutely captivating, in color, style, and subject. That first one is like eye-candy. I’ve been browsing through a used Bazaar fashion mag I picked up for some reason (been years since I looked at one of these) and then came back to your blog to see these abstract images I had noticed the first time but didn’t think too much about. After the fashion mag though, they leave a more striking impression. These images have the seduction of a fashion ad, minus the ad (if that makes sense). Oh well. You don’t need me to tell you that. Just a response and a “thank you” for giving me a good start to a day I’m not looking forward to. Take care.

  3. The best note ever! Particularly with the carefully cut duck (duct?) tape. Beautiful quilts and sweater, but now you have forced me to go make a pie as it looked so good. 🙂

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