D.E. May at PDX, and on…

R and I jumped into the car today with Irene and Jon and headed to Portland in a TORRENTIAL downpour for the penultimate day of Dan’s show at PDX.  Spare, elegant, but juicy.  Wish I had made this post at the beginning of the show so you’d have had time to see it.  You know, I started to describe all the work we saw today, but I’m out of words…however I’m NEVER out of images.

grid wall J


grid detail 1

grid detail 2Dan black bandtable top

backDan template drawing

…we went on to Elizabeth Leach where a moment of meditation occurred…

I & R


and about 5 other places until we were exhausted.

Back in Salem there was just enough time to catch the Rob Bibler/Jed Thomas/John Van Dreal show at Bush Barn.  Super realism, the figure, moody atmospherics…a shift in thinking.  I love Rob’s master draftsmanship

Rob hands

but the details really caught me today..this floor from a Venetian scuola is exactly right…

Rob interior

and the sort of Chuck Close-like abstract color swirls making up an ultra-realistic glass vase…

Rob vase neck

Jed Thomas had many paintings of his familiar type, but the mono-type drawings seem really strong to me…

Thomas scarecrow

Thomas face

…and after a week of too many meetings maybe this one really resonated…

Thomas woman

so we gathered John’s bouquet of roses…

rose 1

roses 7 rose 6rose 5rose 4rose 3

and headed over to Alcyone for a martini and a YUMMY dinner.  Good news…they are soon to add Tuesday and Saturday to their dinner schedule!  Get over there!

Alcyone martini

Alcyone salad


  1. This post was a morning brightener. Lovely reporting. But, I want to know what font of energy you two are drawing from when I read of your days.

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