Oregon Capitol Has a Birthday!

On April 25, 1935, our stately old Capitol building burned, alas.  To the ground.

Cap after the fire

A new building was built, a cornerstone was installed in a big ceremony… cap cornerstone 1

Cap cornerstone 2

and a statue of a golden pioneer was placed atop the building…

Cap pioneer

75 years ago…and this is birthday week.  We heard the capitol building was decorated like a cake but JUST for this week and…of course being historians and archivists we HAD to jump in the car and take a look…

Cap 1

Capo 2

it’s a fun drive-by if you’re out and about….

cap 3

Happy Birthday Capitol Building!! Better go take a look!


  1. At your suggestion, a friend and I drove to Salem yesterday to see the Lawrence drawings, the first rate exhibit on Ancient Art, and revel in the Permanent Collection at the Hallie Ford Museum, had dinner at Alycone (wonderful), and drove by the Capitol. Thanks so much for your blog.

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