“Threading the Needle,” Rick Bartow, Dave (Nic) Nichols

I like it…looking at disparate stuff.  In random order.  The best.  Elizabeth and I raced through the pouring rain to Portland yesterday for “research”…a fiber-oriented show at the Helzer Gallery at PCC Rock Creek Campus.   Though the gallery was small…only enough room for one or two pieces from each artist, each piece had something to say, to us anyway….

Clay Lohmann started as a printmaker, but since 2008 has been making “quilts” which, like this one, include rubber stamped designs, found pieces, paint…

Clay Lohman 1

Lohman 2Logman 3Logman 2

Diane Jacobs saves her own hair and makes meticulous compositions…sort of a cross between Victorian ladies and Agnes Martin…

Diane Jacobs

Rock Hushka (previously known to me as a curator) makes embroideries of almost unimaginable density…(check the “bullion” stitch here…all the red…)

Rock Hushka

Jiseon Lee Isbara’s elegant hanging mixed media piece spoke to us both about motherhood, multi-tasking…(the need to make art out of anything/everything)…

Jiseon Lee Isbara

Elizabeth Knight’s modern samplers…

Elizabeth Knight

and Rachel Moreau’s combinations of collage and embroidery, “fragments of narrative”…

Rachel Moreau

one last look…and then back out to the “commons”…past the Manuel Izquierdo Sculpture R told me to look for…

Manuel in the forum

and some work by a student who’d been shadowing Giotto and the Arena Chapel fresco cycle…

Giotto student Giotto

and off downtown…for the favorite tuna sandwich and…of course…

coffee at the Pearl

We went over to the Froelick Gallery where they were just getting up the Rick Bartow show which opens Thursday.  I always like his work, but especially liked these small, energetic, meticulous, crazy little pieces…most of which had pre-sold-post-its taped to the wall…

Bartow 1Bartow 2Bartow 4

Bartow 3Bartow lastBartowe 4

and this big piece on paper…also sold…

Bartow on paper

Today, closer to home, we headed out to the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery at CCC to see Dave (Nic) Nichols compress his working life into 10 pieces.  His part of the four person Alumni show currently on view (including Eric Wuest, Barbara Hunter).  I really liked seeing his work which included his first painting…(brave guy/though his first painting was nice) and then on through a few decades.  I like his work, his cardboard laminates, his insistence on pattern…

Nic "Running from the Past"

"What Holds Us All"

Nic 2

the artist himself and Sloy with painter Carol Hausser…

NicSloy and Carol

it was kind of a local gala today…a good and interested crowd…here’s R with Sloy and R with Nancy Lindburg…painters Eric Wuest and Rob Bibler…

R and SloyR and Nancy LindburgRob and Eric

OH…and today was ukulele “graduation”.  Here are our teachers Ron Relaford and Janet Romine who have not only taught us to play the ukulele (against all odds for some of us…) but who have taught us to have fun everyday and care for each other.

Ron and JanetCommon Threads


  1. What a lovely surprise to see my dear friend, Clay, and his work on your blog! I haven’t been able to see him, or his wife (artist also), Julie Green, lately, though they live close. I liked the work with the artist’s hair as well. I’ve worked with my own hair before, finding the process intimate in strange ways. —And I especially like what’s going on in your own work (?) in the hoop frame, final/last image. Thank you. ❤

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