Uh Oh….

My computer almost crashed…new one coming…posting with iPhone…oops…upside down…(sketchbook going to Brooklyn)


Wisteria pruned…


Sidney (and Bam the cat) hugged and visited…


Bike ride at Minto…


car wash

Perfect Day.  New computer on the way…or, “On The Way”!!!


  1. This baby is sooooooo cute!!! Is he sporting a beginning relaxed Mohawk??
    What a fantastic look. Irresistible!!

  2. Is that a ringer baby? How can Sidney be holding his head up already? Bonnie, he is so beautiful! Glad you are willing to share his progress with us.

  3. Sidney is beyond adorable! So glad to get a glimpse of him. How could it be other than a perfect day with Sidney present?!

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