Cabinet of Curiosities

Opening tonight of a nice group show at SAA’s A.N.Bush gallery featuring various spins on the theme “Cabinet of Curiosities”…drawings, cabinets of stuff, photos, stuffed animals (taxidermy is very big these days) 9 or 10 artists, nice work, too much to meaningfully photograph.  Better go take a look as it’s up until February 22.  What caught my eye tonight was how many people WERE photographing the work…and each other!

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    1. horror vacui – the fear of empty places
      A lot like the unrelenting pull that Pinterest has on people to digitally collect images of anything and organizing them into a grid. I like it myself.
      Curious—nothing but relentless curiosity with me. 🙂

      1. Here too..I’ve looked at Pinterest…a time or two even seen a quilt or drawing of mine ON somebody’s grid…but am not compelled to “play”…luckily…:)

      2. I spent time accumulating a collection of eye candy but put myself on a diet. It gets old and tiresome, not the interaction that I like from Facebook, but it was fun and I visit the images. Like a glass of fine cognac, visually.

        I do enjoy your posts, both here and on facebook, and seems I’ve creeped into a community of friends surrounding you. Not having ever met you, or the friends, in person, I hope I’m not being too intrusive. I get so much from being in touch with those who relish the arts and books. 🙂

        I’ve got to run. Sorry. I just got a new volunteer job with DIVA (Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, Eugene). I am hoping it will add experience to my resumé as I continue to search for a paid position. But it also is an amazingly interdisciplinary environment, rich with folks in the know when it comes to the arts. Today is my second day. —Jeesh! Did I just say something about not wanting to be intrusive? I am hijacking your blog! Sorry!

        Have a wonderful day today Bonnie! I look forward to your posts and pics. ❤

  1. Most interesting! i too am facinated by the things other people photograph, especialy other people in art situations, and am always thrilled to get such a shot, capturing both the artist and subject. You did a great job Bonnie.

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