Across the country in New York City a beautiful new baby has been born, and her name is Colette.  Her quilt was all ready, so once I heard her name and birth date I finished it off.

Q 2

The border is made of bits of fabric left-over from the quilt I made for her big brother Robert, now 5.

C namesignatureCollette's

Here’s a thought for the weekend keeping in mind it is impossible to hold a ukulele and not smile:

“I love a ukulele…”

U me

“I love to strum it daily…”


“I love to hum while I strum…”


“Strum, strum strum…”

U janetU 8u 9

U 6U 4U 5

U 3U 7

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Collete’s quilt is wonderful! The curious little white creatures that frolic among the letters (WPA shows up the most w/ a random Q) are great as well. You are a genius artist! I always enjoy your fabulous quilts; a form of art I could not possibly manage & admire your work so! Ukes photos are fun! Happy weekend to you.

  2. Hi, Bonnie. Just LUV that baby quilt–delightful. Also enjoyed your reporting of art exhibits and the quilt group at Linda’s house…next time I’m in town you’ve got to take me!
    best, nadia

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