Well I’ve been a little sick (something I ate I guess….) and my activities have been curtailed.  My brain has been barely functional with only a few rational thoughts…(Mary Lou Zeek’s “Pulse” show coming up May 9-16…Sidney…laundry)…


ABSOLUTELY NO organized thoughts about blogs or reading or singing or EVEN playing the ukulele.  So here, though, are the random thoughts as they have flitted across my tiny brain…

Project Space is forming up for this summer.  Looks like some exciting things in store and two nice spaces.  After deciding NOT to participate this year, I thought maybe Elizabeth and I might like to sit and do some sewing for just a week this summer…right here…by the windows…

Project Space 1

Here’s part of another project we’re doing…mapping our yards…starting in the SE corner…

the SE corner

I forgot to get the Easter stuff out of the cupboard this year…oops…think my “adorable decor” years are over…

easter stuff

I made this coaster with Jenviv MANY years ago and I still like it…


The bulletin board has become filled with Claudiana…to good effect…

bulletin board

I really MUST do something about the side of the fridge (thank goodness the front is stainless and magnets don’t stick)

fridge 1

fridge 2

and hey…look at this cute little tiny drawing I made back in 1993, after a trip to Italy…

Italian pitcher

Nitey nite…(as the Chicago Tribune would say)…Beep Beep…

Beep Beep






    1. For a sck chick, you’re still real slick! Hope you are all better by now. Loved your Easter “adorables.”

  1. Hope you are truly all better! There are somethings, dear Bonnie, that DO NOT need to be cleaned up: the side of your fridge, for instance. It’s perfect. Your little drawings are charming. Your coaster could have made it big in some little boutique!

  2. By the way, you will most likely be reminded to get out your adorable Easter decor by some little boy who will find traditions very interesting and absolutely require their repetition. Doesn’t it seem that children at least start out as insistant traditionalists?

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