Tuesday Quilt Group

Tuesday quilt group met at our house this month.  (The group has chosen a new name, Bobbin Along, but I still think of it as TQG…)  I  like this varied group of women and their kind enthusiasm for each other and for every level of work.  It was fun to have them over and do some show and tell…I made scones…


and showed them my really pretty basic sewing room (which I can hardly recognize in this photo because it’s so clean)…

sewing room

…I’m still in love with my Juki…




and it was fun to get out a bunch of quilts…as usual the group was kind and enthusiastic, and wanted to see them all! (and, really, it isn’t everybody who wants to actually look at your quilts…)

pile 2pile 1

and then coffee and a bit of sewing before everybody took off into their own days…Kathleen’s newest…


Berneice and Deanna are making hexagons…

Deanne's hexberniece

and Berneice brought along an applique piece to show which brought spring right into the room!

Berniece panel

Olga is working on a crow quilt for her husband, but unfortunately my camera focused on the rug instead of the block!!  Next time…(apologies Olga)


Ethelwyne is making a cool applique tinker toy quilt and was working on a few of the circles…


And Kate is finishing up her husband’s retirement quilt for the naps he possibly will take (Bob?…naps?) with a cozy flannel back…


Linda didn’t have any handwork this day so she chatted and talked quilting nuts and bolts, books, articles, blogs, needles…it’s interesting to think of this exact activity happening all over the world as people gather, sew, talk.

That’s all ’til July…several of us will be gone for June’s first Tuesday, but that gives us a chance to have some new work done…maybe!  and here’s the May quilt underway…

May medium

May detail




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  1. Hi Bonnie, Glad to see you are back in the saddle again… Out and about sharing the good things of Oregon ! I think you leave next week? Yes? I am in St. Helena now to celebrate my Dad’s 92nd birthday. I will be back on Thursday just in time for the dreaded HOME inspection. If all goes well, I will be leaving Birds Hill on or around the 15th of June. On to the Meridian.. Who would have ever thought I would be walking through those doors! So again…I tell myself to never say never. If I do not see you before you go, we will connect when you get back. Martha

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