Notes from Italy

It’s a cloudy morning in Tuscany where we have been for a week looking at art and enjoying the beautiful green heart of a Italy, once again. Tomorrow we move to Firenze for the final two days with the wonderful Willamette Alumni group, before heading to Umbria for some serious R&R….


The days have been sunny and cool, the art has been restorative, and we’ve visited some favorite locations…


As well as some NEW favorites…



There’s always SOMETHING to look at!


  1. O bonnie, thank you thank you! 9:12 here as i tap at you and we are about to head for the sack and read aloud to each other with a nightcap. you are documenting R the documenter, and in lovely, telling ways. sure good to view this travel blog almost as it happens. we both visit it together in the morning over our, no kidding, white tea. carry on! enjoy! sloy

    1. It’s so nice to be on this trip with you….thank you for sharing. Your words and photos are working magic on me. xoxo!

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