Hydrangea House

Once we thought of calling our house “Hydrangea House” but we gave it up, though we didn’t give up hydrangeas.  This morning early I made the rounds to see how everybody was doing, noting that early morning light is harsher on the plants, photographically speaking, than later on…but still, they look good…big blue and little blue…

big blue 2 little blue 2

big pink and little pink…

Big Pink little pink

oak leaf…

oak leaf 2


linmelight 2



pee gee coming on…


Today the annual Salem Art Fair where R & I will be working the Hallie Ford Museum of Art booth (come say hi, 4-7)

I’m getting ready to go off on a trip next week…getting a little baby quilt put together to take as hand work…


…summer is good…






  1. Rich images. Makes me grateful for the sun and Northwest gardens.
    There’s my favorite dessert this summer too!

  2. Ah what a lovely bunch of images! I felt more peaceful just going through them. (several times through, in fact, being in need of a little respite as today is the beginning of kitchen destruction prior to construction) Thanks, Bonnie Dear!

    1. Do you know why the hydrangeas are either pink or bluish? The leaves have litmus in them. Remember testing for acidity and alkaline. So your hydrangeas depend on the pH of the soil they’re planted in.

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