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I’m sort of mad today.  Our beach time in this house dates from 1992.  Our neighborhood is adorable…





Rugosas and their rose hips line the path to the beach…

rugosas on beach pathrosehipsbay path

the view of the Bay constantly changes and always enchants…

Bay view

…but there is a fly in the ointment.  Tim.  He owns the house next door and for most of the years since we came he used it as his own beach house.  But then he started renting it out.  We’ve had several families with tons of kids, a trampoline with three little girls who shrieked in delight three hours a day all summer, a man whose dog shredded all the blinds and used our yard as a potty stop, a very nice handicapped man who was quiet as can be…a few gardeners who worked wonders…even one summer where the house stood quietly empty all summer.  But this year we have a different story…a junk dealer who has turned a pretty back yard with a hot tub and a pear tree into this…

Tim's backyard

backyard 2

…and the FRONT yard, well, that’s gone…

Tim's front yrd

I’m wishing there were ordinances against this sort of thing…but it’s Lincoln City..zoning free as near as we can tell…R has brought me a big drink (San Pellegrino) in the goldfish glass…deep breath….

goldfish glass