Happy to be Here…Mostly

I’m sort of mad today.  Our beach time in this house dates from 1992.  Our neighborhood is adorable…





Rugosas and their rose hips line the path to the beach…

rugosas on beach pathrosehipsbay path

the view of the Bay constantly changes and always enchants…

Bay view

…but there is a fly in the ointment.  Tim.  He owns the house next door and for most of the years since we came he used it as his own beach house.  But then he started renting it out.  We’ve had several families with tons of kids, a trampoline with three little girls who shrieked in delight three hours a day all summer, a man whose dog shredded all the blinds and used our yard as a potty stop, a very nice handicapped man who was quiet as can be…a few gardeners who worked wonders…even one summer where the house stood quietly empty all summer.  But this year we have a different story…a junk dealer who has turned a pretty back yard with a hot tub and a pear tree into this…

Tim's backyard

backyard 2

…and the FRONT yard, well, that’s gone…

Tim's front yrd

I’m wishing there were ordinances against this sort of thing…but it’s Lincoln City..zoning free as near as we can tell…R has brought me a big drink (San Pellegrino) in the goldfish glass…deep breath….

goldfish glass


  1. Oh my goodness! They are not fussy at all here in Sweet Home. It’s too bad because some of the houses are kind of cute but really ragged. Sure ruins it for those of us that care…

  2. I’d say send the photos to the mayor. Wait one week for an answer. Then go to the newspaper demanding that the mayor join the 20th century (the 21st can come when he’s learned something.)

  3. It may take a little something extra in that pelligrino to quell this frustration. Hearts are with you! One thing about Cutler is that everything changes eventually. Still wrapping my brain around your report that the trailer next to Cosmic was finally hauled away. We did send a letter to the city on that one. No trailers that predate a certain date are to be used as housing. There is some excellent karma coming your way following this renter. I can’t fathom that Tim will be very pleased about the interior of his rental if the exterior looks like this! xoxo

  4. Is Tim aware of this horrid mess? Send him pictures. Nobody wants their lovely cabin turned into a shitstorm. Maybe he has lost interest or is unable to care for it anymore. Living here in the country for the last 30 plus years, I have endured some pretty horrible neighbors. Can you buy the cabin or have a friend do so? A lovely hedge would help block the view. I am so sorry that this has happened. Don’t give up. i love your goldfish glass! It could make anyone smile!

  5. Double damn! This is outrageous! No zoning against such blatant trash collecting? Any other neighbors find this wretched? Since this clearly impacts your property values, maybe that’s an aproach? Letter to mayor, newspaper, all good ideas. SOOOO sorry this has happened next to you! It seems your beautiful place, invested w/ such care, should have made you proof against such destruction. If only life was just.

  6. Ugh – I’m sorry Bonnie. What an eyesore, and such a difference from what it used to be. We had something similar next door once, but they were also cooking meth. It was the meth and not the trash that got things moving. Don’t suppose the trash collector has illegal vices in addition to the legal ones? For now, goldfish drinks can help for sure.

    1. This living in proximity to one another is fraught. We once had a tenant in a little house we rented out who worked the cat at the dump and brought his plucked prizes to line the driveway of the house. When he moved out in the night, he left all that trash behind.

      With the pleasure you two take in the vistas there, this is particularly offensive. Keep us posted.

  7. It’s stressful, isn’t it? Our neighbor next to our beach house has decided to finally build. Not a problem, but they’ve torn down every single living plant on their lot right next to ours and the contractor even told me it would look so much nicer when he’s cleared out all this “mess.” He was referring to nature and all those poor little creatures who inhabited that land. Sigh, we are heartsick. But nothing we can do. I feel your pain.

  8. neighbors! So sorry to see that horror when it’s obvious how much you care about the/your environment and nature. Puts the bamboo/weeds/mess from my neighbors in perspective.

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