Louis Bunce…the work proceeds…

Louis Bunce has moved into a room in our heads these days, as R begins phase two of the intensive research and writing to prepare the show at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in 2017, and the book (working title “Louis Bunce: Dialog with Modernism”).  He’s wading through interviews, websites, newspaper reviews and other ephemera, and I thought you might like to see some photos of Louis Bunce immersed in his life…these all from George and Phyllis Johanson…  Louis Bunce (1907-1983) painted in Portland and New York all of his adult life.  He taught at the Museum School (now PNCA), and was important to several succeeding generations of Portland painters…including George Johanson, Jack Portland, Lucinda Parker, Jackie Johnson…and more.

Here’s Doll Gardner, Louis, George Johanson and Milton Wilson at an event…

Doll, Louie, George, Milton

Doll, Louie, George


more jazz

Here’s George and Louis George and Lopuie smoking kersone lantern L 1

Louis really liked painting to jazz…here with Jim Smith’s groupL jazz


…party time…

on his head  rly Bunce


and here as the young print maker.

Young Louie


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