One Fabulous Year!

Last week was a family milestone…young master Hull celebrated his first birthday, and we celebrated with him.  My brother Bru made him a card…

Sidney turns 1

Bru card

and the Hull/Decker tradition of the silver cup continues…

SRH cup

it was festive…

birthday room

Doug and Marie brought Finley’s Thomas train…

Thomas the train #2

Asher came and brought a gift for Sidney, (which he helped unwrap)…

SRH & Asher

there were many photo ops…with Mommy

photo op 2

with Dad…


Gma Cheryl…

Gma Cheryl



and of course…walking…

walking boy

the final serenade…

SERENADE 3serenaDE 2serenade 1

and the long and very fun day came to and end.  Happy Birthday Sidney….and many more…xo Nana






  1. A belated happy birthday to Sydney.
    We have so much in common. After 3 days in NYC with little Jack, I am aware of Percy, Annabelle, James and Thomas….their tenders too. Can sing the song as well.

    You might look up the U-Tube “Duck Song” We have it memorized.

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