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As long as we’ve lived in Salem the darned hospital has been destroying, burning, and now logging land for more buildings, more parking.  The original hospital was in a residential neighborhood, near the university…a neighborhood we aspired to live in BUT, by the time we could buy a house, the neighborhood was gone for parking lots mostly.  A few of the oldest houses in Salem were used as practice burns by the fire department.  Then the absolutely lovely little Bush School was torn down for parking.

Next the beautiful and graceful 1920’s brick Building that housed the Blind School was razed.  The other day I noticed the chain link fence going up and a few days later the ominous blue plastic to hide the activities.   The several acre property is now an urban logging site with the plans to remove all but about 5 trees from this beautiful site…next to an historic neighborhood, an historic garden, across from Bush’s Pasture Park.  Sigh….if you love historic structures, old trees, history and the continuity of the built environment, Salem can be a disappointing place to live.


blue fence

blue fence 2

blue fence 3

future logging site

One neighbor created a shrine to the first cut tree.

shrine 1

shrine 2