Drawing Day

I recently read an article that said to have a  happy life you need to do something EVERYDAY that makes you happy.  If you love to draw that’s so easy…drawing books and pens fit nicely into a purse…insurance against any “slow” moment…all good.  purse…and SOME days are really happy days because drawing and coffee join up.  This morning the Salem Sketchers group was meeting at Broadway Commons, and though I never have joined the group before, I have been a fan of Urban Sketchers for a few years…so I went along and got a coffee and started in drawing…IMG_4476

They suggest an hour of drawing, and then the group reconvenes to contemplate their endeavors….(sadly I didn’t get close-ups of ALL the drawings…next time…) they’re a good group…







and my finished drawing…


then off to an opening of a show of Dana Davidson Collins and Cynthia Herron’s collaborative paintings of the last year (at which I fell totally out of reporter mode and didn’t take a single photo, alas…go see the show called “Ricochet” at Roy John’s) and ANOTHER coffee,,,



here’s the urban sketchers from Brazil, and we looked about like this…with coats.urbansketchers





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