Wild Women 2015

The annual Wild Women show opened at the River Gallery last night with Sloy’s paintings shining out like beacons…

Sloy 1

this one is called “opposite dimples” and there’s a nice article about the making of this painting in the current Salem Weekly. 

SLoy 2

One advantage of Sloy’s paintings is they are BIG in a room of small work…but really, it was so crowded you couldn’t see much…Wild Women 1

there was wine and deviled eggs (!) and music though…


and by the time we’d strolled down the street for a kale salad and back…things had calmed… (hi Jon, hi Irene)

Irene and Jon

…the show is up until Feb 27th so there’s plenty of time to head to Independence and take a look.


  1. Good to see you and Roger last night. Loved Sloy’s painting and I thought it was a successful show once the crowd became smaller so you could see the art work. I really like this little gallery and there were lots of familiar faces. It was good to see James Kirk holding court with his women admirers. As I have written before your blogs are terrific.

  2. Love the River Gallery and the Wild Women show is always TOP DOG!
    Congrats to Sloy !!!
    Did you eat at Mangiare?
    Kirk holding court….i can close my eyes and just picture that!

    sounds like i missed a great opening, but i will travel the 2 miles over the river to see the show. and most likely, more than once.

  3. hey thank you, bonnie. i have been wondering if the gallery really understood the dimensions of the pieces i entered and they accepted. we delivered them in a squall and when we took the plastic off, i could see some surprise at the sizes. i too have a 59cent button which i intend to wear when i see the show. sadly, we missed the opening.

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