True North, The Wild Pear…and on…

There are beauties about living in a small place, partly born out in being able to know the people who do fun things around you.  In the last few days I’ve been able to appreciate Salem from various angles.  On Saturday we went to the CCTV studio


to be the audience for our favorite band True North.  Kristin Grainger, Dan Wetzel, Dale Adkins and Suzanne Pearce Adkins were taping a 30 minute spot to run for two weeks on a show called “Local Roots” and they needed an audience to make the performance lively.  It was super fun to watch the TV guys taping and the band playing amid cords (not chords) and cameras…etc.  True North’s most recent CD “Elsebound”


has stayed up in the top 10 of the charts for months…for good reason.  I was particularly watching the bass player Suzanne Pearce Adkins providing dimension to the sound, and having to smile and be charming while the other three were singing and carrying on admirably…and singer/song-writer Kristin Grainger was wonderful…

SPAKristin Grainger

Dale Adkins playing guitar and banjo…


and just watching the three cameras switching back and forth…totally fun…


TN 3

…and I forgot to mention Dan Wetzel whose vocals and musicality are amazing (and to think I EVER played ukulele in front of him… with the wrong music to boot..gulp)




and the audience was full of local luminaries, including Ron Jaecks who recently made the national news when he was attacked by an owl while running in Bush Park…


Okay, from the sublime to the merely interesting…on Sunday I made a quick (!!) visit to Salem Hospital’s new Urgent Care center on Bellevue…truly amazing in that you can make an appointment…in and out in 30 minutes…AND the waiting room provides an amazing view of Pringle Creek…almost at flood stage Sunday…

UC 3

UC 1UC 2

and then tonight the gala “soft opening” with friends and family of the much loved local restaurant…The Wild Pear…forced to close 4 months ago due to water damage.  It is looking pretty elegant in there…better go take a look when they re-open Wednesday…

WP 1

WP 2

It was “old home week” for us…

WP 3




  1. Great coverage Merle Pesta!:-) I so agree with you about living in this wonderful small place. I appreciate you reminding us of how lucky we are to have access to so many terrific venues and know, personally, so many talented people like the True North band.

  2. I find it hilarious that you consider Salem small. Try a town of 9000 full of incredible artists and events!

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