Quilt Report…

The leitmotif (recurring theme) in my life these days is the sewing, as I get ready for two quilt shows this fall.  I sew in the car, I sew in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, occasionally in bed.  I have a little spot staked out on the couch that catches the bright daylight and is near the fire and a good lamp for evening…with a table at hand for “materials” and a cup of coffee (or a scotch for late at night.)

coffee set up


I’ve come to think of quilting as a repetitive and totally compulsive activity…slightly cheaper than slot machines…but with the same eye/hand compulsion.  The difference is that at the end you come out with something tangible and nice if you are a quilter…if you are a gambler??  (Luckily I don’t know about that life.)

My friend Martha had the inspired idea of suggesting that I make my own upholstery fabric…quilted…with, in this case, some images from a painting of mine that hangs nearby.  I collected it from Jim McDonald this week and am pleased…


Meanwhile I’m finishing a rescued vintage quilt for, maybe, a baby girl as yet unborn.  (…I rescue quilt tops the way some people rescue puppies…)  I’m starting on the black bird quilt and the Diebenkorn quilt for the November show…things are piling up nicely.

Vinatge Girl

Vintage girl detail



Quilt shelf

I haven’t started the weird fabric challenge quilt for my quilt group, but the stack is ready to go…

fabric challenge spring 2015



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