Road Trip

A busy week here getting ready to head out…some ukulele playing in Monterey, a stop in Sonoma to look at quilts, departure is imminent.  I’ll just leave you with a few little Louis Bunce gouaches we ran across.  More news from the road….

Louis 8Louis 7

Louis 4

Louis 3




rescue quilt almost done…

rescue quilt

Bye bye…



  1. Hi Bonnie, Glad to read that you are out and about. Is this your show in Sonoma ? If so,good luck. I wanted to tell you that if you have time be sure and not miss Healdsburg which is right off the freeway from Sonoma…there is a great place ,Shed, that I know you will love and it has wonderful food also! I just returned last night from my second drive to Calif. in three weeks.A bit much for this old lady but my Dad I’d failing so there you be. When you are back in town,please call to get a walk about at 1735. It actually is becoming a home! M ……….move in June 24th!

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  2. Happy Trails to you and Roger! Your blog is like a vacation for me. A most enjoyable one!

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