Brief Quilt Interlude

Memorial day weekend, the travel quilts are finished, back to work on the show quilts…low blogging energy today…so…here’s the “ugly Fabric Challenge” quilt which I quilted in the car down to and back from Asilomar.  Twice as year somebody in the quilt group produces some less-than-ideal fabric, everybody gets a piece and goes away and makes a (usually) small quilt.  June is the reveal month and here’s mine…


The fabric this time was mine—a value village 5-yards-for-$1.89 score–TOTAL, not per yard, but really not a fabric I wanted…alas.  It’s the flowered stuff…(“but it was so cheap…”)


and for the back I used a nice piece of Indian cotton…also VV…


and I finished the rescue quilt I’ve been dragging around with me in the car for a few months…and it came out really good I think.  I used a piece of very old pink fabric and turned it wrong-side out to make it lower volume.  Any new fabric I auditioned just didn’t look good…



and now back to the blackbird quilt.  I’m showing you now, because right now it looks pitiful, but I think it will be good when I’m done…


Guess I’ll go plan a picnic for two for tomorrow!


  1. happy memorial day weekend, bonnie. i enlarged the images of the ugly quilt and the others so that i could see your hand stitching. pink thread on the flowered fabric, green on green and gray on gray? not an ugly quilt among them, and so many hours of work. do you use a machine for any of the process?

  2. The blackbird quilt in its ‘pitiful’ stage is most intriguing, including the white grid! You are surely incapable of ‘ugly’! Happy picnic, you happy two!

  3. Great quilts! I can’t call that fabric “ugly,” but I like what you did with it. Love the rescue quilt. Will look forward to seeing more stitching on the blackbird quilt someday.

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