Sidney Week

We just came home from two splendid weeks away at the beach house, (no media, no blogging), and one whole week Sidney was there too…

chair and sandals            IMG_5601

IMG_5598We noticed he is a guy on the move….

wagon west5 IMG_4884 IMG_4802

IMG_4737 IMG_5640IMG_4931

strider IMG_4877IMG_4733

IMG_4946 IMG_4947IMG_4948



making FRIENDS

But there were quiet moments…a quick Elmo video while breakfast was cooking…


LOTS of reading, including this one from 1974 that was a favorite of Zach’s and is now a favorite of Sidney…

IMG_5665 (1)

IMG_5673 IMG_5671 IMG_5667






  1. hey, i love your blog! this photo is so cute!! i just started out my blog & i would be stoked if you could check it out and give me feedback! im looking forward to more of your posts!
    -cristina ☼

  2. What a lovely time you have had!! I throughly enjoyed your post, the picture of a little bottom shining while pulling the wagon is a hoot!! :))

  3. DELIGHTFULL……each and everyone! i love that you take the time to share these wonderful memories.

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