Beating the Heat

The weather forecast for today was for 100 degrees here in the valley, so we needed a strategy.  It was clear the deck was out as it was already blazing by 9:00 a.m….


so we grabbed our stuff…



and headed south to Corvallis to pick up a car-load of reupholstered furniture…

chairs and then an iced coffee.  We decided we’d stop at the Corvallis Art Center where I’ll be showing quilts in September, just to check the wall space I’ll have, but it wasn’t open yet, so there was a moment of communing with nature AND iced coffee…


and after I checked the walls we looked at the show that just opened…


I loved Pat Boas’ “nonalphabetical” pieces…about text as stacked and layered letters…

Pat Boas 4

Pat Boas 5

Pat Boas 3 Pat Boas 2Pat Boas 1

and thought Robert Tomlinson’s pieces handsome with text buried and glimmering through layers of paint and collage…

"'Stream' Train Bells"

though the gallery, in an old church, is a great space…the windows, and occasionally the photographer, tend to show up in the glass fronts…

reflecting on art

They just dropped the gallery into the church…

gallery 2

gallery 1

We headed north and began thinking of lunch…hmmm…maybe Left Coast Cellars…yup, they were open.

Left Coast tasting room



…and after a leisurely lunch we headed home through the vines…


and the valley singing with heat.  99 degrees by 5:30.  Yikes.

IMG_5094It’s still in the 80’s late in the evening…and tomorrow maybe 95.  Ahhhh, longing for the beach….:-)




  1. The McCulloch Clan spent the 100 degree day by doing the final set-up & performance of a fabulous wedding…labeled “my dream wedding” by my son & his bride. The warm-as-a-sweet-bath night kept the party going until 3:15. No neighbors complained about the loud music accompanied by a fabulous, even louder, drummer. Ours was surely a unique way to beat the heat…we were so involved that we forgot to suffer!

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