Art Laundry, Day 6

We’re still ironing, still drawing, doing a bit of mending…talking a lot about housework, sewing, raising families as artistic expression…a great deal of reexamination of the lives of mothers by almost all our visitors…more about that when we sum up.  Sunday will be a day of rest and relaxation…Monday we’ll be back on duty representing Salem Art Association’s Project Space, 2015 at 211 Commercial Street NE and hoping you’ll come down and bring ironing or just join the conversation…in the mean time some images…

Carolyn and Q

Gallery sitter Krista Lauer got into the spirit of things by switching out her table for an ironing board….


we’ve had many many visitors…so many that they all begin to look alike…?

Jo and Jim


Carol and Joni

Joan and Evan

Mary Lou, Kate and Sara





There have been offerings…tonight we sampled Jo’s YUMMY biscotti


Drawing is progressing slowly due to talking, but progressing…


IMG_5630 IMG_5631cardinal

Carolyn’s friend Cec arrived in the middle of her camping trip for a hello dinner…


See you Monday!



  1. So much fun to watch my blouses being ironed. Now I am spoiled. I couldn’t wear my old wrinkled blouse yesterday.
    Your quilts are so very beautiful thank you again for a great blog.

  2. There is something almost disturbing lurking among all the beauty…the strange beings moving together in the most innocent of settings…art & ironing equipment. But wait…I spent 44 years ironing my husband’s dress shirts, one for each work day, + 1. It felt as if I was creating 3-D forms from wrinkled flat fabric. I was good at it. It gave off a clean, warm, sweet fragrance. It was an achievement to hang a week’s worth of shirts in the closet. It was also hard work; 20 hot, careful, concentrated minutes per shirt. Frequently interrupted by a child or 2 or 3. ( this is not to speak of all the other things that demanded ironing ) I had a very strong love/hate relationship to the job. Seems perfectly expressed by the sort of creepy creatures on the present ironing scene!

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