Clearing-the-Head Car Wash

Change of season, switching gears, sigh…start over…shut the studio door…but first…tomorrow (Wednesday 9-9-15) talk about the red and white quilts now on view at the Corvallis Art Center, noon, 700 Madison, Corvallis…

alphabet log cabin"Instructions" detail 1kimono log cabin detail

But I don’t like speaking in public very much, so naturally Thursday I’ll be giving a demonstration of hand-quilting at the Studios-at-the-Mill, hands-on though so come….

Mill 2

and you can see my “new” studio, next door to the old studio…

9-8-15/4 studio

and it will all be fun…but not as much as today when we did “CARWASH”!!!

IMG_5764 9-8-15 CW/1 9-8-15 CW/49-8-15 CW/39-8-15 CW/2

9-8-15 CW/5



  1. Hope there are pleasures in this undertaking.
    You have such a unique perspective to share!
    Lucky attendees.
    Wish we were there.

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