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The busy summer of writing and sewing has kept us out of the Portland galleries.  We were up in the city Saturday though and took in a few.  We missed Jack Portland’s talk Saturday at Laura Russo but R particularly wanted to see this painting…”Thanks Louis, I’m just starting to get it.”

Thanks Louis. I'm just starting to get it.

and I liked Rae Mahaffey’s fused glass pieces…

Rae Mahaffey

and the paintings, which are VERY quilt like…

Rae Mahaffey

Then off to the Desoto building galleries.  I’ve enjoyed watching the work of Sara Siestreem at Augen over the last few years, and I loved this show…the drips under and then just lots of yummy marks…

Sara Siestriem

SS 2

in the back were a very nice Mark Andres painting…”Moon Base, Swan Island”

and a big George Johanson print “Dog Day”…

George Dogs

Next door at Froelick Gallery I loved the witty Ronna Neuenschwander porcelain sculptures like “Pretty in Pink”


and “Boiling Point.”

Boiling Point

We were heading to Blue Sky to see Henk Pander’s drawings, but stopped at Charles Hartman to look at Rachel Davis’ nice watercolors…

Rachel Davis Rachel Davis

Henk’s drawings are just gorgeous…he really makes the most beautiful marks which you have to admire, even if you don’t share his post-apocalyptic vision

Henk 2

Henk 3

Henk 1

Henk 4

The lecture looked good


but we wanted to race up to the museum to catch the penultimate day of the Ai Wei Wei zodiac show…

ai wei wei 2

and then, since we had 7 more minutes, we looked at some ceramics including this beautiful and very old plate from Iran…glad that things from that ancient and lovely middle-eastern culture exist in places around the world as the destruction goes on…

bowl, Iran, 10th c.

and, finally…we stopped.

Park kitchen1


Park Kitchen 3

sitting at the Park Kitchen, glad to be sitting, noting the construction site next door…


the waiter said it will be a boutique hotel…here’s the whole view…


a quick step into the new PNCA…PNCA

on to two short plays at Blackfish Gallery in memory of Harry Widman, and then finally on to Caruthers street where some of the last tomatoes were on the counter, ready for Sunday sauce-making…

Cruthers Street toinah

and we learned that when Sidney sees this last picture in the Berenstain Bear Book he says…”Nana.”



  1. What a fun day! The art gallery was interesting,but that bowl of tomatoes is a picture of rich color! The Berensteins book page story warms the heart.

  2. Hi Bonnie – it was such a treat to see you on my way through Salem. Just read this post – much too fun! I live in PDX and don’t experience half of what you did in one day. Cheers!

  3. Stunning art, Bon. Thanks for doing all the work to bring it right into our laps. Sidney’s “Nana” response is perfect reward for your work.

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