Portland Quick Trip

I headed up to Portland Wednesday with Katy and Kathy to see the Paul Allen Show of Landscapes “Seeing Nature” at the Portland Art Museum, and the Emmet Gowin aerial photos of various nuclear dumps and bomb sites “Force of Nature”…first though–lunch…


and a quick run through the Desoto Building galleries…with the emphasis on Blue Sky…celebrating it’s 40th anniversary.  Some of us remember the early years well…

Blue Sky 3

…in fact the archivists among us still own a few of the early membership “cards”…

membership "cards"

Blue Sky

Blue Sky 2

…there was one of those messages on the sidewalk, but we decided it wasn’t for us…

unable to fish tape

The Paul Allen show of landscapes kind of cracked me up…that family has a little of everything including Hockney…

Hockney (1)

April Gornik

April Gornik

Milton Avery…

Milton Avery

Thomas Hart Benton…

Thomas Hart Benton

Brueghel the Younger…

Breugel the younger

you name it…Monet, Manet, Canaletto, Turner…you get the idea.  Some nice paintings.

I was so shocked and deep in thought at the Emmet Gowin show I neglected to take a single photo…better go see that one too to see the absolute horror and beauty of this earth and what we’ve done to it…fascinating, sad, scary.

Once home I picked up my donation (“Rose hips”) for the Straub Environmental Center fund-raiser “Cart to Art” featuring up-cycled art work.  I don’t think of what I’m doing as up-cycling, but there you have it.  November 14th, this could be yours!!!

Cart to art




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