Retreat from “Bag Week” Part 2

Saturday Happy Hour was at Washington High School…now home to bars, restaurants, music venues, offices all with the feel of the old high school… followed by dinner with loved ones.

Washington HS

graphicMuscleseye-ear (1)

Sunday brunch at Rae’s Lakeview…no lake, no view, lots of mimosas and hipsters…we snuck in before the crowd…

Brunch portrtait


and then off to the Portland Art Museum for a leisurely stroll…starting with the atrium  massing items from the museum’s collections with paintings wittily paired.  In the center a jumble of sculpture


which from above looks like a chess board…

Sculpture chess

and my favorite painting pair a Charles Heaney of 1939 and a Lazzaro Bastiani of 1680-90…

Charles Heaney and Lazzaro Bastiani

both with wonderful details…

Heaney detail

Bastiani detail (1)

Upstairs I began my meditation on Portland/Salem.  There is nary a trace of Salem artists or collectors in Portland usually, so it was nice to see a group of work of Leroy Setziol on view, much of it borrowed from Salem collectors Carole Smith and Eric Kittleson…


and nearby the work of Clara Jane Stephens, notational almost, freely painted and collected for years by Salemite Cobe Grabenhorst…

Clara Jane Stephens

Curator of Northwest Art Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson has rehung the northwest galleries to good advantage and we loved seeing Carl Hall included in this gorgeous foursome with (left to right) Hall, Kenneth Callahan, Robert Huck and Louis Bunce…

Hall, Callahan, ...,Bunce

then the self portraits of Salem’s own Myra Albert Wiggins.  As a photographer Wiggins was a member of Alfred Steiglitz’ Photo Secession, and she went on to become a painter later in life.

Myra at 60Myra at 70Myra near 80

We wandered, seeing hints of yesterday for me,

Benton detail

next week/next month/next year for R…

Bunce self portrait

not exactly careening at this point we began to notice random things…including seasonal…

in the mood Rockwell

museum feet (3)

oh…and the photo booth…

photo booth

we couldn’t pass up the chance to depict a Katherine Ace painting…

Katherain Ace II

out the door in time to see a photo op, a secret message, and a fall leaf before another lovely dinner and a last look at the deer on the tall crane…

photo op


messages (1)


and Monday was Sidney day, the best day of the week…

rooster, roobot, cow, sheep

“rooster, robot, cow, sheep”…and we are thankful for our varied and colorful lives, and especially for this small boy.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!





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