The First Day of Winter

Today I was able to enjoy the images as Christmas steams toward us…like the view from the parking garage on the way to yoga..

4th floor (1)

the Christmas village at Gerry and Pug’s

Pug and Gerry's village

Magic at the Mill

Magic at the Mill

the new Fuji Polaroid film…


hanging out with Whistler’s father..

Whistler's father

and the mail that brought word from loved ones near and far…


and most sweetly of all the card from Mary Elizabeth with the enclosed photo of my Grandmother Irene (called “Ity”) which said on the back “Ity & her 1st Baby, June.”  June was my Mom and the date would be 1923…


I called my grandmother “Nana” and now Sidney calls me Nana… Merry Christmas!






  1. “Nana” is Wonderful, cus it’s so short…and repeats itself, and can be one of the 1st words Sydney learns to write…Know it was with my Marvelous Maddie..she was 4 !!

  2. Such loveliness on the first day of Winter. Thank you. Good to see Dan the Man, and loved the photo of your Nana and mother. Most precious.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Love the Christmas village, my dad put one up each Christmas after retirement. Each year he would always add something to it, was a joy to see. Time does move swiftly..😊

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