Boxing Day

I have to say, this is a favorite day…the frantic rush of presents and baking is over, the dust settles, you can put on your new flannel shirt and be cozy, peruse your Christmas books.  Best of all when it falls on Saturday and nobody has to go anywhere.  Whether your Christmas was one of quiet contemplation or family hoo ha, it matters not.  From today on for 364…(okay, let’s say 310 to be realistic…) we are free of commercial Christmas.  Hooray!  Creative life begins again today.

Our Christmas had a two year old as the central figure, making it lively and just totally fun.  Sidney arrived and immediately got into the swing of things…


and helped with the baking of course…

baking 1baking 2 (1)

Our family has dinner on Christmas Eve,

Christmas Eve

then goes straight to presents…and this was the first Christmas when Sidney had a concept of presents…he got it…

presents 1

presents 4presents 3presents 2

presents 5

all open

rushing bear

This year Sidney was the best present of all for this house…

with Mommy

Old friend Keith had a hair-removal moment…

with Keith

but recovered nicely…

Keith repair 1

Keith lookin good

in time to head to Portland for more presents, more family, and more delicious food…

family dinner

and finally home, awakening this morning to find everybody gone and all the presents tidied up…must be a good day to head to the beach?  On we go, plunging into the new season!





  1. Everything looks like you had a wonderful time! But I instantly grinned at the picture that little Sidney’s apron was doing a wonderful job of covering up except for just a little space above the red stool!!! Poor Fred had a rough moment though,but agree that he survived. 🙂

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