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After a long park visit, a quick stop to see Otto at Duplex Gallery


and check the new show…including this piece by Shiloh Castello…

Shiloh Gastello

and this piece reminding me of my childhood…now don’t get me wrong readers, I had loving parents who made my brothers and me into creative people BUT…or should I say BUTT…they both smoked…the story of my childhood (except the cigarettes would have been Pall Mall)…(the smell of a full ashtray is with me still)


we headed to lunch at Laughing Planet, Sidney’s favorite…home of many dinosaurs that in the course of a lunch can do some different things…a train/parade…

Dino 1

Dino parade


where’s my lunch!!????


oh yeah…rice and beans and sour cream

Rice and beans

let's go!follow me!