The Proofs Arrive!

Lately it has been like this, wet and gray, day in-day out:

rain 1treesdrops

But this morning, when we headed out very early (by our standards…) it was gorgeous…I just couldn’t stop snapping pictures as an unknown orb edged over the horizon…

sunrise 1sunrise 2sunrise 3

sunrise 4sunrise 5sunrise 6

and then, when we got home…THE PROOFS CAME!

Roger Hull is curating a show of the work of Corvallis painter Nelson Sandgren which will be on view at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art from May 14th to July 17th…an exhibit titled, as is the monograph, “Nelson Sandgren: An Artist’s Life”.  Most of the copy editing is done on-line these days, but there comes a point when everybody has gone over it several times when R likes to see a printed proof.  True to form there were a few last issues to be corrected, but I like this moment as it seems “old fashioned” but REALLY tangible to see the pages laid out and printed…



proof page

It’s a good read, and will be a beautiful show.  You’ll want to come visit this summer…



  1. Nelson Sandgren was an artist I was privileged to have as instructor and something of a mentor. Speaking of the “good old days”. Very much looking forward to this show & Roger’s great work in bringing it back into focused view. Love both the b & w and the marvelous color photos, Bonnie! Glad you caught the moments in the sun!

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