Moving Day

Sidney and his parents moved to a new house Monday.  For the grown-ups it was a long and exhausting day.  Our assignment though was to take Sidney away all day, after watching the event get started, and play.  So we did.  We arrived early to find the “old house” looking serene and calm from the outside, with the front garden looking good…

Old House

though inside things were all ready to roll…

boxes 1

dining room

Sidney's room

The truck arrived…

moving truck

and we headed out…

off we go

first to visit Otto at Duplex Gallery…


then on to play in “conker park” (not it’s real name)…

Conker park

and then on to “snoopy park” (also not it’s real name) where a certain amount of fast running occurred…


and by then it was dinosaur time…


lunch 2

nap time was taken over at Gma’s and then we considered the matter of glasses…

Gma's glassesglasses 26 eyes

but soon it was time to head to New Seasons, grab a couple of chickens and some salad and head to the new house where we heard things were settling down nicely…


first dinner

and after dinner we headed home…see you next week Sidney, in your new house!

night night




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